EE Global’s plenary sessions bring together leaders from business, government, and academia to discuss advances and insights into the global energy-efficient movement in a dialogue-focused roundtable.

» Opening Plenary Session (Tuesday May 12, 10:00am to 11:30am)

Shaping the Utility of the Future: How Can Energy Efficiency Benefit the Changing Utility Model? 

In this session industry titans will discuss how the current utility model will need to adapt in the changing energy landscape in order to advance energy efficiency’s role in the utility market.  DOWNLOAD THE SESSION POWERPOINT

Keynote Speaker

shaheen_jeanneHon. Jeanne Shaheen
Senator (D-NH)
U.S. Senate



» Morning Plenary Session (Wednesday May 13, 9:00am to 10:30am)

Accelerating Energy Productivity: Is Doubling Energy Productivity by 2030 an Achievable Goal? 

This panel will feature heads of government and visionaries from the leading NGOs to discuss the nexus between doubling energy productivity and meeting regional and national climate goals. Panelists will debate whether current EE and climate goals are attainable and which countries are best positioned for success. DOWNLOAD THE SESSION POWERPOINT

Keynote Speaker

Senator Chris Coons PortraitHon. Chris Coons
Senator (D-DE)
U.S. Senate



» EE Visionary Luncheon (Wednesday May 13, 12:30pm to 2:00pm)

Setting the Standard: Awarding global product manufacturers for setting substantial energy efficiency and/or productivity goals by 2030

The Plenary Awards Luncheon will celebrate and showcase the “best of the best” in energy efficiency by honoring global product manufacturers from the Americas, Asia and Europe whose innovative technologies are transforming the marketplace and who’ve made energy efficiency a priority within their operations. DOWNLOAD THE SESSION POWERPOINT