At EE Global, we know your time and resources are limited – so not only are we assembling an impressive roster of energy efficiency experts from across sectors, disciplines and borders, but we are facilitating access and opportunity for collaboration. Energy leaders are convening in May from 24 countries to discuss how EE can be advanced through investment, infrastructure, market transformation, and government. And we hope you’ll be among their ranks as we address a wide range of topics including data collection, stimulus funding, energy resiliency, and SME investments.

Once again, our Executive Dialogue agenda is addressing the pressing efficiency issues facing our environment, economy and future.  Thought leaders will discuss if the clean energy stimulus funding helped us transform markets or just get past a slump. Interested in our investment and financing track? At EE Global, we will be discussing how to encourage small and medium enterprises to invest in and adopt energy efficiency.  As questions about data are becoming more critical to the energy sector we wanted to offer several new panels that address these issues concerned with data. Our market transformation track will be offering a new session on how data can be used to drive and change consumer behavior. The agenda is also featuring a dialogue among leaders on how big data and collection efforts can be used to unlock capital markets.

Last year, EE Global discussed how energy efficiency could move into the next generation. Now, EE Global is focusing on improving the resiliency of energy efficiency in the face of a changing climate landscape.  The top energy visionaries will be answering the question of how EE can center itself for improved resilience and remain a viable energy resource for the future.

Join us to add your voice to global energy conversation! We still have limited spots available for purchase at EE Global from May 20-21. The only missing is you—purchase your ticket for EE Global NOW!


by Becca Rohrer