This year, EE Global 2013 will conclude with four two-hour Intensive Learning Sessions (ILS) to enrich attendees’ overall experience. The Alliance to Save Energy teamed up with the World Bank, the Renewable Energy and Efficiency Partnership (REEEP), the International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC), and the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) to host these stimulating sessions. Each ILS, presented by a host organization, will delve deeper into timely and important EE topics.  Attendees can choose one of four ILS when they register.

Energy 2030: Doubling U.S. Energy Productivity

Organized by the Alliance to Save Energy

The Alliance to Save Energy will present a session highlighting their new initiative, Energy 2030. The program calls for doubling energy productivity on a global scale by the year 2030 through action in three key areas: investment, modernization, and education. This session aims to examine how to create the ability to produce more goods, increase jobs, decrease energy waste, and save more money.

Sharing Global Experiences for Large-Scale Energy-Efficient Lighting Market Transformation Programs

Organized by the World Bank

The World Bank will host a session that offers an insider’s look inside their substantial global EE lighting market transformation programs. The session will highlight these market changes which are estimated to lead upsurges in the adoption of EE products, services, and practices.

Beyond Building: Energy-Positive Buildings in Developing Countries

Organized by Renewable Energy and Efficiency Partnership (REEEP)

REEEP will hone in on the international move for innovative energy-positive development projects. The session emphasizes the fact that people spend most of their time indoors and the importance of implementing EE developments for a sustainable future.

Policy Frameworks for Energy-Efficient Power Systems

Organized by the International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC), and the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM)

Teaming up with CEM, IPEEC offers a fourth year of seasoned experience as an EE Global session host. Their session will provide an expert perspective on the process of working with leaders to transform power systems and electricity regulatory structures.

Be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity to explore your favorite topic in depth. Register today and be sure to sign up for an ILS!


by Marie Najjar