EE Global 2013 welcomed over 550 attendees to Washington, DC and took great strides toward developing the next generation of energy efficiency.

Providing incredible context into energy efficiency’s necessity in the military and its operations, U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus highlighted this need during the Morning Plenary session with a simple math equation: for every dollar increase in the price of oil, the Navy pays $30 million more for its energy bill. Further exclaiming that now is exactly the right time to invest in energy, Secretary Mabus noted that energy is one of the top four priorities for the Navy, and therefore it is imperative that it be used more efficiently.

Capitalizing on the already highly-successful two-day program, and providing his first public remarks since being sworn in, U.S. Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz commented on the opportune timing of his appearance at EE Global given the focus of the forum is so well aligned with the Department of Energy’s agenda. Receiving a booming applause, Dr. Moniz stated that energy efficiency will be a focal point of his time as Secretary as he will continue to push for the roll out of backlogged appliance standards, will convene with manufacturers and industry, and keep momentum moving forward with the President’s increased fuel economy standards. Noting the Alliance’s EE Commission goal of doubling U.S. energy productivity by 2030, Dr. Moniz once again highlighted energy efficiency’s importance to the Department of Energy and pledged his continued efforts to work with the states and utilities in order to help achieve this goal through the energy efficiency Race to the Top initiative.