Energy efficiency brings together leaders from all sectors, as evidenced by the diverse organizations that have agreed to support EE Global 2014 as Sponsors and Endorsing Organizations. With their help, the Alliance is bringing efficiency to the forefront of the global energy conversation in May at the DC Convention Center.

Numerous sponsors continue to support EE Global year after year and we are excited to welcome back Whirlpool, Dow Chemical Company, PG&E, UTC, and Philips.  But alongside these stalwart supporters, we are thrilled when new organizations like CITI, Lime Energy, and Seattle City Light join in spreading the message. It’s a clear reflection of the diverse audience EE Global attracts.  This year’s attendees will have the opportunity to not just listen to these leading organizations, but actively engage with the visionaries and executive leadership of these businesses to make this an event like no other.

Joining the sponsors in amplifying the message are EE Global’s Endorsing Organizations – hailing from eight countries, many are back for their third, fourth, or even sixth forum!  But this year, there are some exciting newcomers joining the group including Collaborative for High Performance Schools, Regions20, and the Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency. The Alliance is excited to have these organizations expand the reach of EE Global’s message and promote energy efficiency around the world.

Sponsors and Endorsing Organizations may represent a broad spectrum of stakeholders ranging from utility companies to non-profit groups, but their commitment is the same — promoting energy efficiency in the midst of a changing energy landscape. Join us in May at EE Global 2014, together we will drive the future of energy efficiency and energize the next generation of leaders.


by Becca Rohrer