Local cities partnering with industry to invest in energy efficiency measures, nation states setting energy targets in line with their development trajectory, and stimulating investment in energy efficiency  through public-private partnerships – these were some of the themes that emerged at the Alliance to Save Energy’s first ever EE Global Asia Regional Workshop, which was held in conjunction with the Asian Development Bank’s annual Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF).

Increased Visibility on Energy Efficiency

While ACEF has traditionally focused on renewables and other clean energy topics, the June 25 EE Global pre-forum workshop introduced EE Global to a new region and audience and a much-needed conversation on energy efficiency that was also echoed throughout the main forum. The well-attended workshop featured three discussion-based sessions led by EE Global’s signature combination of high-level panelists representing the government, nonprofit, and business sectors. Fifteen panelists from nine different countries and three world regions ensured that the resulting dialogue offered unique perspectives and engaged the audience throughout the day.

Laura Van Wie McGrory, vice president of international programs at the Alliance, noted, “This iteration of EE Global offered a fresh perspective by centering the energy efficiency discussion on the needs and opportunities in the Asian region.” The event served as a reminder of the particular obstacles Asia faces in bringing energy efficiency to scale, and laid the groundwork for a new partnership with ADB that will continue to bring a high caliber discussion of efficiency to the region.

Alliance Presence Throughout ACEF

In addition to hosting the EE Global Asia Regional Workshop, the Alliance had a strong role at ACEF sitting on the steering committee and co-organizing the main forum’s energy efficiency track. Van Wie McGrory chaired a panel focusing on the collecting and analyzing energy efficiency data. Alliance International Committee Chair, Tom Dreessen, chaired a session highlighting strategies for scaling up energy efficiency financing. This helped to intensify awareness and exposure to an audience of more than 600 ACEF attendees, increasing the reach of our message and providing great exposure for the Alliance. The Alliance’s Executive Vice President of Programs and Development, Brian Castelli, also offered remarks at ACEF’s closing session, where he commended ADB for their increasing commitment to energy efficiency investments.

The new partnership with ADB is extremely exciting, and we are looking forward to working with them on future endeavors. With our combined knowledge, skill, and geographic reach, our forthcoming collaborations will be sure to increase the scope and impact of our message.


By Kacie Thompson