For the ninth year, the Alliance to Save Energy will bring together thought leaders from across the globe for EE Global 2016 to engage in conversation delving into how energy efficiency is transforming business practices and showing sustainable results.

This year we are excited to announce the EE Global 2016 theme will focus on the business of energy efficiency and the role EE can play in advancing productivity and profitability from utilities to legislators. Kicking off the forum on Tuesday, the Opening Plenary Session will focus on businesses that are utilizing energy efficiency measures to help achieve sustainability and financial goals.  Panelists will be drawn from Fortune’s 2015 “Change the World” list.  Each industry leader featured will be able to speak to how energy efficiency is being used to enhance and transform their business practices to improve the bottom line.

With alternative energy sources rapidly gaining in popularity, energy efficiency is becoming a necessity for corporate energy strategies. Businesses are beginning to place a large emphasis on efficiency as an integral part of their future corporate strategy but EE Global 2016 will further explore how we can encourage others to realize the economic and environmental value of adopting energy efficiency.

The panel will be an introspective look at topics including: what does successful organizational support look like in practice? How are energy efficiency goals measured and implemented company wide? What roadblocks have these companies encountered in striving to reach their sustainability goals and how did they overcome these barriers? Panelists will be able to speak on their own experience integrating energy efficiency on a corporate level. Corporations represented will have a proven track record of executing successful energy efficiency policies that work towards achieving sustainability and financial goals. The conversation will continue in the Connections Club and during the new “Speed Networking” segment designed to foster relationships between guests.

With a diverse selection of business sectors represented, there will be something valuable for all attendees to glean at the premier EE forum.


By Mary Jackson